10. U-Oh..
It’s Friday and your labor can’t be found.

9. Last Minute Cleaning
The punch crews left more than their lunch behind.

8. Floor Treatment Experience
New flooring can take a beating before presented to the Owner

7. After & All Hours Cleaning
Your need for solid cooperation & scheduling to finish & deliver your project.

6. The Cleaning is How Much?!!
Do you have accurate pricing at the start of your project?

How about at time of bid?

5. The Disappearing Trades
Where did everybody go? ...and who's going to clean this up?
Detailed back charge documentation upon request.

4. Supplement your Project’s End
How ‘under pressure’ is your Superintendent? Give him a break
and a service that only brings answers to last minute problems.

3. The Bar May be Set High
To satisfy & exceed the expectations of the Owner and the Architect.

2. The Inspection
The dynamics of number 3, make this almost impossible :)

...and the number one reason.....

1. You didn’t buy it out
Your window guy doesn’t do windows
and your floor guy doesn’t do floors.

Do you plug in a number for Final Cleaning at bid time?

Don’t get caught missing something in the end. Rely on us to dissect the plans & specs before you are even awarded the job.

We are the answer to these gray areas of construction close-out procedures that affect your bottom line.

We’re not just there at the end of the project; we’re there at the start.

Put us on your bid list. You almost can’t afford not to!

Has anyone missed scope requirements for finishes?

Top 10 Reasons to Have Your New Project Professionally Cleaned.

Does this bite you in the end? Expand your estimating department. Let us look at the details.

Do the glazing people have cleaning included? Who’s sealing those almost forgotten areas of concrete? These areas are not usually the sub’s expertise, but more and more often it will be in their spec.  We have 45 collective years in construction, punching out and delivering buildings and we are in business to help you do the same.

Put us on your bid list. We’ll take off and provide for you budget numbers for cleaning of glass & glazing, floor finishes for specialty floorings/concrete and rough and final cleaning services.