We take pride in our work. We pass our  knowledge to our clients  and educate them on their products weather it be their new carpet or specialty floor finish.

Friends and Family

The key to our quality service is a close knit group of people who we can rely on to deliver.  We hire from within our small circle so we have full confidence in the trustworthiness of our staff.


We do not just list our qualities here, but we stand behind them.  In a world of slick marketing, and coupons, we will never upsell you. We are not sales people.

Cleaning is an art . . . . not everyone is an artist.


Cleaning is quite personal and what you get when you hire  a small business is personalized attention by the same technicians every time. Your safety and satisfaction are our priority.


our Equipment

Top of the Line

Our equipment is carefully selected and maintained.  The machines and equipment that we bring onto your property and in your homes and offices are fully insured and are in optimal working condition.

I started American Carpet Care to be able to provide people with better, more affordable service.  I see larger companies everyday who are over charging and under servicing. Whether it be a homeowner who is being upsold  on deoderizer or a general contractor whose cleaner is not delivering. We get a kick out of saving the day and leaving the the customer very satisfied. We only need to service you once, and you will call us again.

our Team

Having worked in the construction and janitorial industries for over 30 years has afforded Adam the opportunity to gain the knowledge of chemicals, restoration, remediation, and construction methods, supervision, scheduling and every type of cleaning by hands-on experience. Previous experiences cover all
aspects of janitorial and the operations and maintenance scopes that are inherent with custodial and construction cleaning services for large commercial, retail and industrial buildings.

Meet Owner Operator, Adam Dabbagh